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Hotel Angely Paris Delicately placed in the district of Haut-Marais, a few rustling of wings of the Republique district, electric and eclectic, this elegant hotel grows its own way the triple A: Atmosphere as exclusive as A Love (and the other rare), and A as Art of entertaining. Modern variation on the theme of "Boudoir chic", the hotel's charm whispers Angely light, fun, sexy, and raw mix peacefully in 22 rooms. Flashes of purple, fuchsia, caress of a velvet vibration of folding paper, tiling effect of a cold glitter, velvet sofa "crocodile", diamond tattoo on a wall that refracts the light, shine a plexi or an aluminum sculpture lit ... Depending on the mood of the moment, it looks for the spirit baroque'n'roll room "Velvet", the luxurious charm of the "Gold", we want to arty poetry room "Dahlia"-the sculptural headboard Valerie Boy, or daydream of "Heavenly" ... in any association of the materials, the Angely cultivates the luxury of excellence. The client is thrilled. Metro Republique Metro 3, 5 , 8, 9, 11. Bus 20,56,65,75. "Dahlia" Executive double room - The room DAHLIA is theatrical, and assumes it, lined with padded velvet blue, red and fuchsia. A show of the backlit bed with an incredible effect of "levitation", materials reactive to light, wall lamp plexi iridescent, and - in the bedhead - the illuminated aluminum sculpture signed by the designer Valerie Boy. "Gold" Luxury Double room - Luxurious, alluring, the room GOLD has its dreams of prestige ... Soft flooring, black carpet, - full of promises -, walls hung with black and gold cloth and a chimney painted with gold leaf, a deeply padded canopy bed wrapped in a sheer curtain. "Diamond Lover" Suite Double - In the suite Diamond Lovers, in the padded vestibule, there is a sky full of clouds overlooking a round bed topped with a fluffy coat. Around the bath-tub, which thrones in the middle of the room, a shower of pearls made as a nickel, like a canopy dream. "Velvet" Standard Double room - The dreams of the VELVET room are rich in sensual materials and cozy dreams: A deep pile carpet, a bedhead in velvet with a floral weaving textured (framed in gold leaf), leather bronze on the walls and beautiful chandeliers lamp plexiglass to guard the daydreams. "Celeste" Superior Double room - Light, airy, beautifully poetic, outside of time, the room CELESTE evokes the world of childhood. We must say that it has bluntly the head in the clouds ... A promised azure and then a salutary disorientation. Would you offer him/her a starry sky, a deep blue sky, a cloudy sky-haloed with a cumulonimbus, or a romantic sunset?
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